Terms and conditions

The person in charge of the publication is Mes Khahloun Sandra whose e-mail is the following one: contact@sandradanse.com

Said platform is dedicated to the getting in touch of mobile Internet users (one or several “customer(s)” or one or several “User(s)”) with independent sellers proposing only oriental products (one or several “Persons(s) receiving benefits)(“Providers (s )”)).

The object of the present General terms of use (the “Conditions” or the grips as a whole, the “Contract”) is to define the terms and the conditions governing the relations between the Customers and SANDRA DANSE.

SANDRA DANSE gives the right to modify has any moment long General terms of use. In case of modification, the new version of General terms of use will substitute itself for the previous version. The Users will have to accept expressly the new version.

By reaching the Services and by using them, the User agrees to be connected by the present Conditions which establish a contractual relation between him and SANDRA DANSE. If this one does not accept the present Conditions, he cannot reach the Services nor to use them.

The present Conditions replace expressly contracts or previous agreements concluded with the User. SANDRA DANSE can cancel immediately the present Conditions or any Service towards the User or, generally speaking, stop offering the Services or any part of the latter or forbidding the access, and it at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

Articles 1 – Registration

1.1 Access to the orientals products

To be able to reach the Oriental Products (such as this term is defined in the article 2), the User has to be a natural person having reached the age of 18 years and having his full legal capacity.

1.2 Member’s account creation

Before being able to place an order, the User will beforehand have to join by creating a member account on the Application. Only the Users record can place an order.
To create a member account the User has to complete the registration form available on the Application, by supplying exact information, up to date and complete. This information can make, afterward, the object of stakes has in the daytime regular, by the User to protect their accuracy.

The User will have to choose a user name establish(constitute) of a valid email and a password. He will have to supply also necessarily and at least the following information:
His Name;
His first name;
His address;
His Phone number;
His email.

The User also makes a commitment not to use an identifier which strikes a blow in right of third parties, in the law and order or in the common decency.

Access codes at the expense of User are strictly confidential. This one makes a commitment to preserve secrets his identifiers and has not to reveal them, under some shape whether it is. The protection of the confidentiality of the password chosen by the User be of the full responsibility of the latter.

The User is solely responsible for the use which is made by its identifiers. Any access or use of the Services of the Application makes of the account of a User will be considered for having been make by the latter. In case of unauthorized use of his account or any infringement on the confidentiality and on the safety of his ways of identification, the User will have to, immediately, inform SANDRA DANSE, so that access codes in the account can be reset. However, the User in rest the only responsible one.

Every User makes a commitment to create only a single account corresponding to his profile.

Article 2 – Operation of the application

To command a product, it is necessary to have a member account. This one allows the Customer to reach the following services: creation and putting has in the daytime of a User account; order of one or several oriental products.

2.1 Order

The Application allows has the User to look for and to buy oriental products with the sellers.

The order of a product is made since the Application from the member account of the User. Having chosen one or several products of his choice, the User communicates his personal information (Name / first name, delivery address, e-mail). For that purpose, the User is formless and accepts that his personal data (name, first name, phone number, civility, mailing address) are communicated in seller. The User then has to seize his account ID to proceed to the payment. SANDRA DANSE has no access in give banking confidential (the number of bank card in 16 figures as well as the expiry date). SANDRA DANSE use the service of secure payment supplied by the company STRIPE and PAYPAL.

Once the validated order, SANDRA DANSE passes on your request by e-mail for the “Seller”.

2.2 Right of withdrawal

The Buyer benefits from a cooling-off period of 14 days as from the delivery of his order to retract and turn one or several product (s) who would not suit has SANDRA DANSE for exchange or refund to have, with the exception of forwarding charges and of return. The Buyer has to turn the goods to their state and original packing and should not have been opened on no account. For reasons of hygiene and protection of the health the right to withdraw is accepted only for the sealed products. Any return of goods requires an authorization which can obtain by sending an e-mail in contact@sandradanse.com. The return of the goods is made at expenses, at the own charges of the Buyer.

2.3 Payment

The prices of products are indicated on the mobile application. They can be modified or put has in the daytime in a punctual way. They are indicated in euros, inclusive of all taxes. They take into account the VAT.

SANDRA DANSE sends to the User the confirmation and the summary of order.

To assure the safety and avoid any frauds, SANDRA DANSE can control at any time on the orders. Within the framework of a control, SANDRA DANSE can ask by e-mail way the User concerned to to transmit documentary evidences of identity and payment.

SANDRA DANSE uses a system of third payment for the payment in the Application. The processing of the payment will be governed by the conditions of this system of third payment. SANDRA DANSE is not responsible for problems resulting from the system of third payment.

Article 3 – Use of the Services of the mobile application

3.1 Access right has the mobile application

SANDRA DANSE, according to the present Conditions, gives to the Users a revocable, not exclusive, not transferable limited access right, to the Services with strictly personal title. Any use of the Application against its purpose is strictly forbidden and establishes a breach at the present capacities.

The Use of the Application requires a connection and a mobile browser.

SANDRA DANSE reserve the right to suspend, to refuse or to delete an access to a member account in case of use of the Application against the present general terms of use.

3.2 Commitments of the Users

The users refrain from themselves:

To copy the contents of the Application SANDRA DANSE, in violation of the laws or the regulations in force;
To create fictitious profiles;
To supply inaccurate information in the form and not to put them has in the daytime regularly;
To spread on the Application of the data, the information, either contained has slanderous, obscene, offensive, offensive character, violent or inciting to the violence, or to the political, racist or xenophobic character and in a general way any contents which would be against the current laws and regulations or against the common decency
To obtain other Users of the passwords or the personal data of identification;
To reference or create links towards any contents or available information since SANDRA DANSE’s application, except express agreement, writes and SANDRA DANSE’s prerequisite;
To have a practice of the inverted engineering to try to obtain the source code in connection with any underlying intellectual property used to supply all or part of the Services;
To use software either manual devices or automatons, robots of coding or other ways to reach, explore, extract or index any page of the Application;
To imitate or to use products, logos, brands or quite different element protected by SANDRA DANSE’s intellectual property rights;
To feign the appearance or the functioning of the mobile Application, by proceeding for example to an effect mirror;

The Users make a commitment to use the Application in a loyal way, according to its professional purpose and to the legal, statutory requirements, to the present Conditions and to the current uses.

It is specified that as administrator of the Application, SANDRA DANSE reserves the right to publish or not to publish or to delete in whole or in part an opinion or a comment of a User on the Application.

Article 4 – Intellectuel property rights

The brand of the company SANDRA DANSE, the set of logo or not, all other brands, the illustrations, the images and the logotypes appearing on the Application, that they are put down or not, the general structure of the Application, as well as the software texts, moving or fixed pictures, his know-how, drawings, illustrations, database and element making up the Application are and will remain the exclusive property of SANDRA DANSE.

Any representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or total exploitation of the contents and Services proposed by SANDRA DANSE, by whatever process it is, without the SANDRA DANSE’s prior and written authorization, is strictly forbidden and would may give rise to legal proceedings.

Article 5 – Personal Data

All the personal data which SANDRA DANSE has are loyally treated and in accorDANSE with the Data protection act of January 6th, 1978 in his current version.

These data are supplied by the Users during the creation of their account on the Application. They are used by SANDRA DANSE to allow the User to take advantage completely of Services and of functions proposed by the Application, to prevent any fraud and/or for statistical purposes.

To facilitate the use of the Application and personalize the experience(experiment) of the Application by the User, SANDRA DANSE uses cookies and files newspapers. The use of cookies can be deactivated by modifying the parameters of the Internet browser.
The personal data are stored by SANDRA DANSE in his servers in France, with the aim of their processing within the framework of the use of the Services. They are preserved as long as the account of the User is not deleted.

SANDRA DANSE can collect also technical information of the terminal of the User (mobile device, tablet) like IP address, the real time geographical location of the terminal, provided that the user activated this feature or requested his geo-localization.

Once the consent of the User obtained, SANDRA DANSE may record the banking data of the payment card of the User to avoid introducing them again during the future orders.

Besides the banking information of the User is never in possession of SANDRA DANSE. The transactions are completely handled by the services of payment of the company Stripe (info@stripe.com).

The User can exercise his rights by writing in the following e-mail address: contact@sandradanse.com or at the following mailing address : SANDRA DANSE, 4 Rue Masséna, 06000 Nice.

An answer at the request of the User will be sent within 30 days.

Article 6 – Responsability’s limitation

6.1 Application use

Sandra’s role limits itself to the provision of the oriental products.

The User is solely responsible for consequences of the use of the Application.

The User has to make sure that the use which he makes of the Application with the provisions legal, statutory as well as on the present General Conditions of Use of the Application.

The User is warned of the technical hazards and the interruptions of access which can arise on the Application. Accordingly, SANDRA DANSE cannot be held responsible for unavailability or slowings down of the Services independent from his will.

All the information, advice and guides and any other datum posted on the Application are given only for information purposes and do not have authority to constitute councils on the evidence of which a decision could be taken by the User.

6.2 Data

SANDRA DANSE has no general obligation of supervision of the data and the contents supplied by the Sellers, Customers and other Users, nor with obligation of abolition of a contents which no paraitrait not obviously illicit.

The User makes a commitment not to seize a contents susceptible to carry breach of the peace either in the good customs, to cause protests of third party, or still to violate the current legal requirements.

As a consequence, it was expressly advisable that in case SANDRA DANSE would be questioned, in any respect whatsoever, whatever country it is, by a third party on the foundation in particular of an intellectual property law and/or an intellectual concerning an element supplied by a User.

It is reminded that the data published by the Users and the information shared by the latter can be got and exploited by other Users or third parties. This way, SANDRA DANSE does not guarantee the respect for the property of these data, he falls to the User to take all the necessary capacities so that is protected the property of its data.

The User will have to make sure of the sending of the data has the Application and cannot blame SANDRA DANSE on for one some foundation and in any respect whatsoever the not reception or the loss of the passed on data. The User will then watch to preserve a protection of the passed on data. Besides, once the member account of an enclosed User, this User is informed by the present.

6.3 General rules

SANDRA DANSE could not no in no event be responsible in conformance for the losses or consequential or unpredictable damage of the Users, what includes in particular any missed gain, inaccuracy or corruption of files or given or loss of data.
SANDRA DANSE could not be responsible, such as she is defined by the French jurisprudence.

Article 7 – Applicable legislation and dispute settlement

The people who reach the Application are subjected to the legislation and to the regulations in France, with the exception of quite different. General terms of use are submitted to the French law.

Any dispute concerning the validity, the interpretation, the respect or the violation of the present General terms of use is subjected to the French courts.